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Illustration: CMS related tag cloud from wikimedia.org under the CC-BY_SA 3.0 license

Excited! I opened a CMS/CMF ("CMX") distributions maintenance Qommunity for #Drupal #BackDropCMS #Wordpress today. :-)

Series: Article:

The MHTML format is technically a MIME encoded email, interchangeable with the EML email export file format

MHTML info (Wikipedia.org)


  • sending / emailing a whole web page including all its structure included in just 1 simple file (.mht) is sometimes very practical
  • when viewing a MHT (.mht / .mhtml) file in the browser, it looks exactly as its original web page, but the content is served from inside the MHT file instead of across the internet.
  • you can open MHT (.mht / .mhtml) files in most browsers without the need for an extra extension or addon
  • if you want to be able to save / create new MHT files, not all browsers can do that without installing a MHT tool/extension
  • the .eml email format that you may save emails to from decent email software, is interchangeable with .mhtml ; they are basically the same structure, and one file type may be renamed to the other and still be opened to display its content properly.

Ref. Wikipedia article about MHTML:

Extracted from that Wikipedia page:

Interrobang unicode character illustration - Wikipedia.org

I have finally got to test a little about how I would like to start using some special Unicode characters in various contexts, and what it takes to make them both (easily) available (for my picking) and avoid trouble, for example especially if you have such a character in a URL, and someone copies that URL - you dont want the special character "lost", and not the symbolic meaning of it either. I expect this is a bit tricky, so here is a test / example / illustration along with some thoughts and references.

Illustration: browser logos example

Vivaldi browser review and comparison - April 14, 2016 - PC Magazine

Results compared with competitor browsers:

  • Firefox browser: 4 1/2 stars
  • Vivaldi browser: 3 1/2 stars
  • Chrome browser: 3 1/2 stars
  • Opera browser: 3 1/2 stars
  • Edge browser: 3 1/2 stars
Taxonomy (categories, etc.) filtering example (Leeteq.com)

Being based on the Drupal 7 CMS, one of the extra practical features for content navigation that is available here on this web site is filtering by categories ("taxonomy": "tags"/"topics", etc.). Read on to understand how to use it and save yourself some time browsing my content here..:




2012 StackExchange reference:

Examples from the external link:

  • Twitter: No limit
  • Google Accounts / GMail / YouTube: No limit
  • Facebook: No limit

Tips and insights:

Illustration: 'Mean density of matter' (1993) - (c) Cicilie.com with permission from her online gallery at www.TalkToTheEye.com

Wikipedia: "Mixed reality (MR), sometimes referred to as hybrid reality, is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time."


Illustration screenshot - Linux' Gedit editor with CompizConfig-Settings-Manager transparency

Here is an easy yet powerful "QoL-tip" ("Quality-of-Life") for you:

There is 1 thing that above all other tools and tricks that helps me enjoy working even more:

  • Transparent text editor window on top of favorite desktop wallpaper(s) (photos, etc.).

While there are both single-software functions that does this (Metapad editor for Windows, for example), being a Linux user, I am using Compiz-Config-Manager to easily set rules for which degree of transparency I would like on any window or software.

I just love that swiss-knife. That tool makes the whole shift to Linux worthwhile just by itself.

Here are a few others of its features:


Even if the short text is in Scandinavian/Norwegian language, this (external) visual 3D article is IMHO well worth a minute of your time. This is part of the future of media and presentation of information. Here are some screenshots + the external link to the real experience. Check it out:

Scriptsafe - Chromium browser extension illustration

Here is a great story/example from the open software development sphere.

I have been a happy ScriptSafe browser extension user, using it with both the Vivaldi.com browser, Opera.com browser and Google Chrome browser (all based on the open-source Chromium browser platform).

The last release added several interesting and useful features, including WebRTC (Real-Time-Communication) safeguarding support, but AFAIK needed to get a particular new permission from the users, in order to serve that function, namely "Change your privacy-related settings"...(!)

That was a dilemma, to put it mildly. For me, simply a no-go.

So I reached out to the developer in his Github.com forum in an existing discussion about just that dilemma, and got an impressive response. Read on for the story and some insights.


Drupal 7 LTS distribution maintenance community

Post status: [unfinished.public.draft]

I am in the process of starting a Drupal 7 distribution community to provide stability (read also: security) to the Drupal 7.x platform along with a significant selection of contrib modules. This is an effort to establish a long-term Drupal 7.x DISTRIBUTION including 300+ contributed modules as a stable, compatible and secure ecosystem.

Target audience:


I have written a review on an internet security recommendation article at Tech.co that is sorely lacking quality control.

For people with low or no insights into computer security or internet security, it might seem like a really nice and trustworthy article, but read my review to see the amount of over-simplifications and ommittances which have implications for anyone that is not aware of them.

Twitter logo

Just now when we are really in dire need of the next generation efficiency, right now it is permissible to assume that with Twitters realisation of its problems and challenges, just at this point the Twitter strategists and developers are (hopefully) even more open-minded about changes for the better. There are in particular some small, but significant changes to #Tweetdeck that are urgently needed. Seconds actually count!


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